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Nicolò Ernesto Alaimo

Nicolò Ernesto Alaimo was born in Benevento on April 22, 1993. After graduating from the Liceo Artistico Statale he moved to Rome, enrolling at the R.U.F.A. Academy of Fine Arts to obtain a degree in Cinematography. In 2013 he attended a master class of Sergio Rubini. In 2014 he attended the Academy Beatrice Bracco at the same time as the Actors Planet with a scholarship. In the same year he attended the first of three master classes with Doris Hicks, the last one in 2016. In 2015 he attended the C.I.A.P.A. of Gisella Burinato.

She is currently studying at the RFA (Roma Film Academy). He participates in several short films under the guidance of important directors: “Nell’Anima” by Stefano Reali, “Terapia” by Giulio Manfredonia, “Azione” by Rossella Izzo, “Liberi di sognare” by Federico Moccia. In 2015 he participates as an actor in the show “La Fortuna con l’EFFE Maiuscola” by Eduardo De Filippo with the IPC company directed by Angelo Grieco, which will earn him the award for Best Supporting Actor at the theatre show “Delle Muse”. In 2016 is Rocco in the play “Saturday, Sunday and Monday”. In the same year he will be assistant director for opera performances for the Academy of Opera “Abacus”.

His first opportunity in a feature film comes with “Edhel”, a “magical” film directed by Marco Renda and acclaimed at the Giffoni Film Festival 2017.