Carmen Monaco

Carmen Monaco’s story in brief



University of Roma Tre – Master Degree in Physics (2012/2017)
Acting (Modern Theatre) with Laura Sales (2013/2014)
Acting (Basic Theatre) with Rosa Masciopinto (2014/2015)
Workshop of Theatrical Biomechanics with Claudio Spadola. (2017)
Film dubbing with Eugenio Marinelli (2018)
Private lessons with the students of the Academy of Dramatic Art Silvio D’Amico (2018)
Film acting with Emanuele Bosi (2019)
Acting Masterclass with Carlo Verdone and Casting Director Teresa Razzauti (2019)
Intensive Acting Internship with Andrea Costantini (2019)
Film Acting Internship with Federico Marsicano (2019)
Screenplay with Francesco Trento (2020)
English Acting and Dialect coach Doris von Thury (Acting in English – Chubbuck Technique) (from 2020)
Tiziana Tozzi Academy with Casting Director Tiziana Tozzi (present)

Languages Italian (Mother tongue), English (Good)

Lucanian, Neapolitan and Roman dialects

Dance Argentine Tango (basic), Salsa (basic) and modern dances

Contests / Awards

Rassegna Laccio Rosso 3 – Teatro Antigone (Rome, 2019):
Special Award & Best Text Award to “the sweater”.
Cometiamo Review – Teatro delle Muse (Rome, 2020):
Second Place Best Original Monologue to “the sweater”.

Theater “Argentine women at the bottom of the sea” directed by Laura Sales for Teatro Italia, Rome
“Invisible Cities” directed by Laura Sales
“Freud Docet” directed by Angelo Grieco
“Filumena Marturano” directed by Angelo Grieco
“The sweater” directed by Gabriele Zedde and Carmen Monaco
“Friendship” directed by Antonio Monaco
“Christmas in Cupiello’s house” directed by Antonio Monaco
“Dangerously” directed by Antonio Monaco
“Cupido Scherza e Spazza” directed by Antonio Monaco
“The thunder of March” directed by Antonio Monaco
“The defeat of the tyrant” directed by Antonio Monaco
“Cassandra, in the name of science and rationality” directed by Antonio Monaco