Filippo Locantore

Filippo Locantore’s Story In Brief





Calabrese accent,Roman,Sicilian,Milanese,Venetian,Pugliese dialect,Lucano.




soccer, swimming, Greco-Roman wrestling, volleyball, judo, agile and athletic physique




2016 Film acting internship ” the actor at the center of the lens” directed by Barbara Enrichi. The workshop of the actor theater Abarico Rome 2015. Film acting internship with Roberto Bigherati 2014 Rome. Acting school Dreams communication stage combat, diction, dubbing, singing film acting 2012. Comedy theater character study, advanced course of diction,vocal expression and oratory techniques company Eidos teatroTechniques on the Strasberg method, Stanislavsky, course of approach to dubbing directed by Mario Brusa,at Videodelta. School of theatrical and cinetelevision acting (fiction) Sergio Tofano Turin (2003-2006) directed by Mario Brusa




2021 Lidia poet Gallo (carabiniere) L.Lamartire

2021 Hearts director R.Donna

2019 Justice x all Fausto (junkie) M.Zaccaro

2019 Everyone is perfect policeman G.Campiotti

2018 M.Michele Santoro Umberto(journal.) M.Santoro

2018 The third clue lawyer F.Portalupi

2017 The ladies’ paradise2 padr.del neg.                 M.Vullo

2016 Romanzo famigliare pol.pen.                          F.Archibugi

2015 Ladies’ Paradise1 pad.of the house M-Vullo

2014 A big family client ag.imm.             R.Donna

2014 Squadra antimafia 7 helicopter pilot Samad Zarmandili

2014 Mobile Squad priest Alexis Sweets

2013 Outlaw 2 R. Donna

2013 Criminal love/2008 criminal cities M.Iannelli/M.D’errico

2012 Other times inspector dermo v. M.Turco

2011 The draw carab.                                  G. Campiotti

2009 Love is almost never enough cab driver A. Grimaldi

2009 The sin and shame I.Cotroneo

2008 The good and the bad Macarone G.Serafini




2015 Professor Cinderella inmate Leonardo Pieraccioni

2013 Italian Movie director MatteoPellegrini

2008 7 octavi guard Stefano Landini




2019 spot Just Eat, Nutella biscuits, Edison energia, 2018 spot AVIS,spot launch Now Tv,video clip of Fabio Rovazzi(Faccio quello che voglio)L’uomo di casa sky-sky Reality show “Vieni anche tu “together with M.GraziaCucinotta,2012 spot CrackerTuc,2013 spot new Fiat500L,spot pasta&company, Rodhause, spot Buitoni 2016


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