Fran Castelo

Fran Castelo’s Story in Brief

Francisco Antonio Silva Castellanos aka Fran is a pop singer and songwriter from Mexico. Born in Mexico City in 1998 and based in London, United Kingdom. Fran is an emerging artist looking forward to captivate new audiences with his songs, which he believes they come from love and its side effects. An artist which musical career appears to have been destined rather than pursued, at least initially, as Fran is originally a drummer. With only 4 years old, Fran discovered his passion for music and today with 24, he’s an experienced musician which musical studies have been based on some of the most prestigious music and entertainment universities such as Berklee College of Music in Boston, BIMM Institute in London & SAE Institute in Mexico City. Unlike other artists, Fran intertwines pop music with a fresh touch of honesty in his lyrics, creating the perfect blend for an organic and big sound, that will take you to an extraordinary experience you will like to take over and over again.