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Talent and ideas are not enough for delivering a project. It also takes planning, contacts and technical professionalism. This transforms art into enterprise and allows it to be proposed to the world. Projects, realization costs, choice of the right TEAM, allow an idea to become reality, work, realization.

Production of films that mobilize a very elaborate production machine or short films that tend to the artistic exercise aimed at advertising use

From supervising the sessions in the recording studio to preparing and guiding the musicians with supervision of the mixing and mastering processes.

We represent actors and artists and provide professional services for all your needs.

Vinians Production

is an independent cinematographic and musical production and distribution company.
Our global activity was born with the spirit of giving space to young talents through the realization of works that have a deep humus and could tell stories, realities, problems, using every expressive scheme, from fantasy to news, without ever ignoring conceptuality and depth of content, with a careful eye to reality but remembering that existence is also poetry and opportunity.

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vinians production team

Vinians Production is based on Vittoria Mazzoni’s thirty years of experience as an interpreter, teacher, director, organizer and producer. The horizontal structure allows quick and easy dynamics with rapid and fluid decision and implementation times.