Massimiliano Mursia

Massimiliano Mursia’s story in brief


assimiliano Mursia was born in Rome in 1966.
Since 1984 he began his experience in the world of show business
attending televisions, theaters and sets.
From 1988 to 1996 he began taking theater courses taught by Maurizio Panici
artistic director of the Argot theater in Rome , Dominique De fazio ,
Enrique Pardo and Linda Wise .
In theater he worked under the direction of Daniele Valmaggi , Bruno Brugnola ,
Paolo De Falco , Carlo Alighiero , Livio Galassi Luigi Tani , Silvio
Giordani , Pietro Longhi , Massimiliano Dau , Antonio Maria Fiasco
In film and television he has been directed by Neri Parenti, , Antonio Bonifacio
Nino Frassica, Francesco Mandelli
He also participates in short films under the direction of Pietro Sussi , Mauro
Caporale, Daniel Latteo , worked in advertising , photo shoots



“Exercises in style” by Raimond Quenau directed by M. Panici
“L’assoluto naturale” by Goffredo Parise directed by M. Panici
” Mask” by D Valmaggi and B. Brugnola directed by D. Valmaggi
” Die Freund ” by P. De Falco directed by P.De Falco
” Noo…. will see the sea ” by P.De Falco directed by P.De Falco
” Baroque Party for Don Giovanni ” by D Valmaggi with Francesca Benedetti directed by D.Valmaggi
” A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by W Shakespare with Carlo Alighiero directed by Carlo Alighiero
” Lysistrata ” by Aristophanes with Anna Mazzamauro directed by Livio Galassi
” Le furberie di Scapino ” by Moliere with Pietro Longhi directed by Silvio Giordani
” The doctor by force ” by Moliere directed by L.Galassi
” La lupa ” by G Verga with Adriana Palmisano directed by M.Baldini
” Dogs and Cats ” by E. Scarpetta directed by L. Galassi
” La Marpiona ” from “Truculentus” by Plautus with Anna Mazzamauro and Gina Rovere directed by L. Galassi
” La scuola delle mogli ” by Moliere with Luigi Tani directed by L. Tani
” Birds ” by Aristophanes with Lia Tanzi and Giuseppe Pambieri directed by G.Pambieri
” The Merchant and the Contested Slave ” from ” The Mercator ” by T.M. Plautus with Antonella Elia and the participation of Antonella Morea directed by: Livio Galassi
” Finis Africae ” from Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose directed by Massimiliano Dau
” Double bed…with the dead come have coffee with us ” directed by Antonio Maria Fiasco BellyOdissey , a parody of the Odyssey with bollywood dance by Leyla Lur and Claudia Raisha Salome by Oscar Wilde directed by Polo Orlandelli

Theater Performances for Schools

”The Wedding” by A.Chechov
”Bereshit” loosely based on the Bible
“The Attic ” by P. Rossi
“The story of all stories ” by G. Rodari
”The Lesson” by E. Ionesco
”Podesta for a Day” by Saverio Di Giorgio
”The Phantom of Canterville” byO. Wilde Directed by MassimilianoDau
”The Tales of Mr. Bonaventure” Directed by Massimiliano Dau
” Harlequin servant of two masters ” Farce in one act Directed by Massimiliano Dau


Spot ” Findus Chopsticks ” for BRW & PARTNERS S.R.L.
Commercial ” Guinness”


”Turbo II” TV series for RAI directed by Antonio Bonifacio distribution Dania film – 2000
Presentation of the show ” a piece of heart … of Rome ” by Gina Rovere within the transmission ” Art and Culture ” on Televita Roma
Participation in the program Dopo Fiction in Actor s Factor conducted by Flavio Insinna and Nino Frassica on Rai uno
”Scarlett” fction directed by Antonio Maria Fiasco
Participation in the program Battute conducted by Riccardo Rossi on Rai due
Docufilm special figuration in the La memoria del bene Rai due
Participation in a piece by Lundini with several skect on Rai due


”Christmas in Miami” directed by Neri Parenti
” Just a minute ” direction Francesco Mandelli


Interregno” Short film directed by Pietro Sussi with Ilaria Stagni Distrbuzione EMME di M Aprea.-2000 www.emmefilm.com
” The Inn of the Black Cat ” by E .A. Poe directed Mauro Caporale
” A Friendly Voice ” Directed by Daniel Latteo

Photo shooting

Photo shoot with Ra Di Martino for the realization of the photographic exhibition AFTERALL
Photo shooting by Pier Glionna photo by Domenico Flora Immaginaria Production