Renato Fontanarosa

Renato Fontanarosa’s story in brief


ate of birth 09/11/1999

Nationality Italian

Height 1,75

Address Via Leonardo da Vinci 80, Portici (NA)

Dialects Neapolitan

Mother tongue Italian

Other languages English-French

Other language level Advanced (B2)-Basic (A2)

Diploma of Classical Maturity at the Liceo Quinto Orazio Flacco, Portci (NA)




2015/18 Acting school CENTRO TEATRO SPAZIO directed by Vincenzo Borrelli

2016 Acting internship with Niko Mucci

2017 Acting Camp at STUDIO EMME with Saverio Deodato

2018 Acting internship with Cosimo Alberti

2018 Acting internship with Gabriella Cerino

2018 Acting internship “The actor in a room” with Luciano Melchionna

2018 Workshop/performance of body mime with Michele Monetta and Lina Salvatore (NTF-2018)

2018 Seminar with Enzo Moscato

2018/2020 Diploma in Body Mime obtained at Icra Project: Michele Monetta, Mime and Mask, Lina Salvatore, Feldenkrais Method, and Nicola di Matteo Theatrical Fencing

2018/19 Theatre direction course with Carlo Cerciello and Aniello Mallardo

2019 Laboratory/performance of stage movement with Andrea Loreni and Claudia Conti

2019 Acting workshop “The theatre is a great collective pact” with Mimmo Borrelli

2019 Workshop “I 5 Sensi dell’attore//Metamorfosi” directed by Massimo Munaro (NTF-2019)

2019 Workshop on Antigone with Giovanni Greco, Michelle Monetta and Lina Salvatore

2019/2021 Private singing lessons with Salvatore Cardone

2021 Leda course with Michele Monetta and Lina Salvatore




2017/18 L’opera da tre soldi by Bertolt Brecht directed by Vincenzo Borrelli, role: Carlo Filch

2018(short) L’universo di Keith written and directed by Ivan Improta, role: Keith Haring

2019/20 La Panchina written and directed by Davide Avolio, role: Aldo

2019/2020 Shots written and directed by Pippo Cangiano, Roles: Comedian, Confident n.3, The Stupid

2020 If this is a man adapted and directed by Carmen Pommella, Role: Schepschel

2021 (monologue) Occidente by Antonio Mocciola directed by Livia Berté

2021 (monologue) Il sangue non è acqua by Antonio Mocciola directed by Livia Berté




2018 (short film) Fera written and directed by Paolo de Luca, role: Fera