Samantha Centra

Samantha Centra’s Story In Brief




English (excellent), French (good), German (scholastic)


Dance, swimming, athletics, golf (basics), pole dancing (first level), Tap dancing (basic), Singing



– Graduate student in Dams Roma Tre
– Degree in “Linguistic Mediation” from “Carlo Bo”,(Rome)
– Graduated from the Liceo scientifico “E.Majorana” Linguistic address (Latina)


– 2022: Master class with Valeria Benedetti Michelangeli. CSC Rome.
– 2020- 2021: Master class with Kimberly Harris and Fabiana Medici. Lee Strasberg Institute, LA.
– 2020-2022: Diction class with Gabriele Granito.
– 2020: Master class in Dubbing with Massimo Rossi
– 2018: Method Acting Internship
– 2018: Workshop with Stefania De Santis
– 2017: English communication skills through drama short course at LAMDA London.
– 2017: Masterclass with Gretchen Egolf
– 2017:Workshop with Alessandro Borghi
– 2017: Workshop with Riccardo Maccaferri in Musical
– 2016: Workshop with Alessandro Borghi,Francesco Montanari and Alessandro Bardani
– 2015-2017: Theatre Company: GKO Company
– 2015 : Stage Theatre Dance with Benedetta Capanna
– 2014-2022: Theatre Company: The Splatters Company (Lt)
– 2014-2015: Acting course at Opera Prima with Agnese D’Apuzzo (Lt)
– 2014-2015: Internship: From sensory experience to the voice of the soul to the stage word. With Ilaria Drago and Roberto Latini
– 2013-2014: Theatre course at the Compagnia Teatro del Beau of S.Fioravanti
– 2012-2013: Theater training course directed by Elisabetta Femiano
– 2011-2012: Latitude theater, theater training school directed by S. Furlan (Lt)
– 2010: Course of deportment at “Fashion Academy” directed by R. Scerrato (Rm)
– 2003-2009: L’Anfiteatro, school of art music and performing arts (Lt)
– 2002-2011: Amateur company “il Sorriso” (Lt)



– 2020: “Mi ci pulisco il cuore” music video clip Ligabue
– 2019: “Beyond Love” music video clip Brunori Sas, Director: G.Triglia
– 2019: “Ostia lido” music video clip J AX Regia:The Astronauts
– 2012: “The Thirteenth Apostle” season II. Director:A. Sweet
CINEMA 2012: “Bologna, August 2, the days of wrath.” Directed by: G. Molteni, D. Santamaria.


– 2016: “Hostages” short film directed by: S. Finotti, L. Moriconi https://youtu.be/I7IPW7CJvCM
– 2015: Episode zero web series : “One more day” directed by: R. Cianfarani https://youtu.be/1Q-8yDERR9s
– 2014-2015: TV program : “New Look” on www.latinadenotte.it
First episode: http://youtu.be/fB_Caz8U-K0 Second episode: http://youtu.be/D8TyzLoryf8


2022: “Shake” role: Ophelia Director S.Finotti
2020:” Do you know the Parkers?” role: Claudia. Director: S.Finotti
2019: “Cinderella 2.0” role: Anastasia Director: S.Finotti
– 2019: “Romeo and Juliet story of a criminal love,” role: Phantom Regia:S. Finotti
– 2018: “Moulin Rouge” role: Satine, directed by R.Di Giovanni
– 2018: “Warehouse” role: Lady Vick, directed by S.Finotti M.Amodeo and S.Centra
– 2018: “Zero” role: Silvia, directed by S.Finotti
– 2018: “Se Loro” role: Monia (lead), directed by S.Finotti
– 2017: “How to date a feminist” role: Kate, Director: E.Gersch
– 2017: “David Morning Show” role: Welma, Director: S.Finotti
– 2017: “Guys for Rent,” role: Mimi Marquez, Director: S. Finotti
– 2016: “Let’s tear up the theater,” role: Juliet, directed: S. Finotti
– 2015: “The Three Little Pigs,” role: Jimmy, directed: V. Persi
– 2015: “Mrs. Jones,” role: Countess Belvedere, directed: S. Finotti
– 2014: Musical “Napul’è”, role: Maria, directed: S. Finotti
– 2012: “Project Hamlet, portrait of Ophelia” role: Ophelia directed by S. Furlan
– 2012: “The Night of the Tellers” directed by S. Furlan
– 2011: “The Nights of Vice” role: Accidia, directed by Stefano Furlan
– 2011: “Don Pasca’ fa’ acqua ‘a pippa”,role:Angelina, directed by L.Cafaro
– 2010: “Vado per vedove”,role:Giulia,directed by L.Cafaro
– 2009: “Hair Spray,” role:Tracy,(lead) directed by D.De Paola
– 2008: “The Sun King,” role:Françoise,(lead) directed by M.Lungo
– 2008: “Love and Hate,” role: Karin, directed by M.Lungo
– 2008: “Boarding tack,” role: Melina, directed by L.Cafaro
– 2007: “Hercules,” role: Megara, (lead) directed by D.De Paola
– 2007: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” role: Elena, directed by L.De Paola 2007-2008: “I want to laugh like this,” role: Lery, directed by L. Cafaro.
– 2006: “Beauty and the Beast,” role: Bell, (lead) directed by D.Paola


– 2022:” What if Julietta,” Musical comedy for children.
– 2020: “Ridell school musical,” Children’s play
– 2020: “Alice, return to Wonderland,” Children’s play
– 2019: “Cinderella 2.0” Children’s play
– 2018: “Warehouse” Children’s show
– 2017: “Once upon a time or maybe it was two ….” Children’s play
– 2016: “The Adventures of Peter Pan” Re-adaptation for children



2007: award: “Best young actress,” amateur theater week (Maranola)