Sara Allegrucci

Sara Allegrucci’s story in brief




2008 – BACHELOR OF ARTS IN PERFORMING ARTS, at Link Academy, Accademia Europea darte drammatica- Link Campus University of Malta – Rome
2008 – Certificate in Speech and Drama Performances Studies LAMDA.
Stage dream-workshop II’ with Elizabeth Kemp New York (Actor studio)
Stage ‘dream-workshop’ with Elizabeth Kemp (Actor studio N.Y.)
Stage with Pierpaolo Sepe
Stage Strasberg Method with Rosa Morelli
Stage Story Telling with Shan Stephens – London
Avant-garde Theatre Stage with Remondi and Caporossi – Verona
Commedia dell’Arte internship with Luigi Ottoni
Biomechanics course with Luca Ventura
Goldonian Theatre Internship with Carlo Simoni
Film Acting Internship with Andrea di Stefano
Internship Film Direction with Gianfranco Albano
Acrobatics and Clowning Stage with Alfredo Colombaioni
Stage Allorigine della voce with Gabriella Bartolomei
Stage Narration Techniques with Giancarlo Fares
Stage Mime Technique with Fabiana Gastaldello
In-depth study of Singing with Angela Bucci and Shaylin Parker


2019- 2000 parole – La firma di Věra Čáslavská text by Alessandra Bernocco directed by Carlo Fineschi
2017 – A cena con L’Inquisitore directed by Carlo Fineschi for the Festival di Todi 2017
2016 – Ad Occhi chiusi theatre adaptation of the novel by G. Carofiglio directed by Carlo Fineschi
2015- Ready Player One theatrical adaptation of the homonymous novel by Ernest Klein directed by Adelmo Togliani
2014- Ad Occhi chiusi theatrical adaptation of the novel by G. Carofiglio directed by Carlo Fineschi
2013- Il tempo libero 3 text by Gian Maria and directed by Monica Nappo Roma Europa Festival
2013- Ritorna Babbo Natale text and direction by Daniela Viviano
2012- Soltanto a un passo text and direction Francesco Rossini
2011- Il tempo libero 1-2 by Gian Maria Cervo directed by Carlo Fineschi short theatre India 2011
2011- What are you afraid of?  Directed by Carlo Fineschi Festival Benevento Città spettacolo 2011
2011- Rolling Directed by Carlo Fineschi
2011- Di Guerra e di sogni written and directed by Francesco Rossini
2011- Gisella e il mondo della fantasia by Sara Allegrucci and Francesco Rossini Director: Francesco Rossini
2010- Linee guida sulla ferocia by Vincenzo Latronico Director: Franco Eco
2010- Il Tempo Libero2 o senza eleganza non esistono marchette di Gian Maria Cervo Director: Carlo Fineschi
2010- Pene d’amor perdute by W. Shakespeare Director: Francesco Rossini
2009- Foglie written and directed by Francesco Rossini
              Di che hai paura? by Richard Dresser (What are you afraid of?) directed by Carlo Fineschi.
2008- Nina freely adapted from Checov’s The Seagull Directed by Rosa Morelli
Il Tempo Libero by Gian Maria Cervo, directed by Carlo Fineschi – Essen,Germany.
Figlie di Eva by and with Raccontamiunastoria – London
 2007- Macbeth by W. Shakespeare, Director: Romano Talevi
Storia di maschere directed by Luigi Ottoni
Spring Awakening by F. Wedekind, Director: Federica Tatulli
A Midsummer Night’s Dream by W. Shakespeare, Director: Federica Tatulli
the Laramie projectdi Moisés Kaufman Director: Shaylin Parker
2006 Getzemani written and directed by Giancarlo Marinelli – Vicenza
Santa Giovanna by G.B. Shaw Director: Federica Tatulli
2005 The Seagull by Checov Directed by Federica Tatulli


2018- Optical effect directed by Carlo Fineschi
2018- Privacy directed by Carlo Fineschi
2016- ‘Non si ruba a casa di ladri’ directed by Carlo Vanzina
2016- ‘Vita da Avatar’ directed by Adelmo Togliani
2016- ‘La Zona Grigia’ directed by Carlo Fineschi
2014- ‘L’uomo Volante’ directed by Adelmo Togliani
2012- ‘Alt Qvm’ – web series directed by Carlo Fineschi
2011- ‘La mia ragazza italiana’ short film directed by Pierre Tsapegueu Sonna
2011- ‘Presenze’ short film directed by Roberta De Paoli
2007- ‘Cesso’ sitcom for Nessuno TV, SKY channel 890, directed by Ivana Spallone
Acrobatics and comedy’ video-spot by Alfredo Colombaioni


2011- ‘PHINEAS & FERB’ for Royfilm S.r.l directed by Danilo De Girolamo.
LANGUAGES- Italian – English
DIALECT- Romanesco
Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)