Virginia Barelli

The story of Virginia Barelli in brief



Studio for about 8 years theatre, musicals and cinema
I want to specialize in cinema after many theatrical experiences.
From 2011 to 2017 I study De Filippo’s theatre at the Raggio di Sole company having among the teachers Alberto Pagliarulo of Luigi de Filippo’s company.
Among the various comedies of De Filippo recited over the years are highlighted:
2012 Misery and Nobility ( Role of Gemma )
2017 Filummena Marturano ( Role of Filumena Marturano )

2017 Misery and Nobility ( Role of Luisella )
In 2018 I studied Musical with the Potlach Theatre and the Rome School Musical Theatre.
Giuseppina Curci: Director
Daniela Regnoli: acting
Ilaria Arnaldi and Saria Cipollini: Dance
Matteo Montalto: Singing
2018 I starred in the musical “Ar core nun se comanna” based on an opera by Petrolini.
2019 to date I still study commedia dell’arte, contemporary theatre, improvisation, mime at the
Fara Nume di Ostia theatre:
Maestro Andrea Serafini: singing, voice setting,
Stefania Maccari: Dance and dance theatre
Marco Fiorani: Non-verbal communication, Mime,
Roberto Bendia: Improvisation
2019 On tour with the commedia dell’arte “Of love and other demons”.
2020 on tour with the opera “Metamorphosis”.
Since 2019 I have been studying cinema at Tiziana Tozzi’s Film Academy


2019 Best Female Actress Award for her performance in the opera “Of Love and Other Demons”.
at the Golden theatre in rome
2016 Patronage Award for the interpretation of Filumena Marturano